Senior Portraits

Select the session you want from below and make your payment to the school office.  Payment must be made prior to your photography session.  The “Yearbook Session” is required for every senior.  Photography date and specific session time will be assigned to each senior by the school. 
About four weeks after your session you will receive a spiral bound Preview Book which includes the images from your session.  Although these previews will not be retouched, they will be color and density corrected, and printed on our professional photo paper.   

“The Yearbook”This is the yearbook requirement       $40 session fee*    Yearbook dress code is required – see details below. 
8 poses Outfit:  Yearbook dress code is required.    
Retouching is included on the pose you select for the yearbook    

“The Cap & Gown” – Add  this session to the Basic Session    $20 session fee*      
8 poses in the cap & gown.  This selection will give you approximately 16 poses total.  (8  from the yearbook session, plus another 8 from this session).  
We provide the cap and gown in your school color.    GUYS: This looks best when you wear a dress shirt & tie.        

Yearbook Dress Code Requirements    Boys:  Long sleeve dress shirt and tie required, jacket is encouraged. Hair appropriate style (No mohawks, natural color only, hair must be out of the eyes and off the collar. No distracting hair styles), no piercings (earrings, nose rings, etc.)  Girls:  Dressy top with shoulders covered (No tank tops, spaghetti straps, etc.) and appropriate neckline. No nose rings. Hair must be a natural color and no distracting hair styles.   No sunglasses or hats for anyone.  If the school determines your yearbook pose is not compliant with the required dress code as detailed above, a new photo session will be required, and another $40.00 session fee will be charged.   *All session fees are paid in advance to the school office and are non-refundable.  If you are not satisfied with your proofs and want a retake, a new session fee must be paid.